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Zink call question

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How does the Zink PC-1 Polycarbonate compare to the Zink PC-1 Acrylic version? Other than price, what am I sacrificing?
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you will be not be able to get a real crisp clear sharp note's. but with the poly which i prefer give's you a unique sound that drive's the honker's crazy. it's your choice man,just trying to help out.
I blow Zink's calls, but would never hang that poly around my neck going into the
I agree with the above post. :idea:
i can set up a poly call,by shaveing reed and with alittle work with it make it sound like a acrylic call. it's all in how you build it. i think the guy's question was poly or acrylic. there are some nice sounding poly call's on the market. one is tru-tone very goosey sound. i was very impressed with there call. talked to him at the eastern outdoor's show. every-body has a choice. so before you spend money,look around at different call's when you find it you will know what work's for don't get caught up with all the hype???? hope this help's you,and good luck to ya in getting your call. :D
I've ordered a winglock delrin short reed, but I'm also getting a second call to go with it. Either a Zink PC-1 polycarbonate, or a Heartland Delrin Short reed. I figure either call will be better than the cheap "wal-mart special" that I have now.
great,keep looking though because i know of a few call's made by the little guy's. that are better sounding then the big boy's call's. i quess you can say it's all in the name -you'll be paying for. good-luck on your search. :D
The biggest difference in the PC1 Poly and PC-1 acrylic is the guts. Polys have Fred's new guts making them very quick and easier to blow. They do not sound as sharp as the guts in the acrylics but for most callers, they'll never know. Poly's can sound very well. Scott Threinen won many calling contest with a Tim Grounds Poly SuperMag.
I really like the walnut winglock call sounds good and is easy to blow.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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