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Your biggest goose ever

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I read on a couple of other forums that no one had ever shot anything over 16 pounds. There was contest to see if anybody could shoot a goose 18 pounds or more and no one did all year. My biggest was from this year and it weighed 13 pounds. Some of the residents around here could be over 18 pounds. My question is what was your biggest goose in pounds? Thanks
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i shot one last year 12 pounds and shot some this year that were bout 11 one of the local bars here had a contest and i think the winner weighed around 13 or 14
the biggest goose i shot was this year and he was just at 15lbs he was a monster i have herd from so called buddies of mine that they have shot 18 and 19 pounders......... ya right maybe if it was a domestic one that wasnt able to fly....... this 15 pounder i shot this year was unbelievable... he was huge i have never seen a goose that big. he took 2 shots from me and he then flew for a good 500 yards before he hit the ground dead.... we followed a blood trail to him... he left a little spot on the ice every foot or two. i honestly dont think wild geese get up to 19lbs......... i dont know i havent ever seen it so i aint believing it............... but that was the biggest goose i have ever shot......... and together me and my buddies i have hunted with this year, we have shot over 120 geese and that 15 pounder was the biggest we shot a bunch of 13 pounders and a few 14 pounders but most of the geese we shot this year were 11 and under........... and we hunt right in the middle of all the locals in FT COLLINS off of harmony and in the middle of loveland off of 29th and madison so we are were the big birds are but i havent seen any bigger than 15.......
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I've killed a few that were definitely over 15 lbs....
Never seen one that I would have said was 20 lbs..

They get heavier.. the longer the walk is back to the

I had 1 over 18 about 17 years back. Had 2 others in the 16lb range in that same time frame. Most I get now are under 13.

There are different strains of the Giant Canadas, Most are the 11-12 lb on mature adults, but there are a few locations where they get bigger and are 14-15lb range with the occasional monster. Some guys keep a very tight lip about it---kind of like bragging about 12+lb walleyes or 6lb + bass you are inviting troubles IMO.
30 LBS is my biggest!!!! haha just kidding 14.6 is my biggest
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