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winglock calls

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Hey guys I just had a couple of qustions first off i just ordered a winglock derlin and a winglock arcylic/poly double reed duck call what great calls and i want to add 1 more winglock to lanyard i seen rick came out with a couple of new ones the long neck looks sweet and he's having a sale right now on some arcylic's what one would anybody recommend thanks alot guys
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Well, seeing as how you already have the original delrin on the way,I'd go with either the long neck or the walnut sr. The walnut is a favorite among many and the new longnecks are supposed to be even louder and deeper than the originals.
is pure goose ,deep and snarly on the low end yet will crack high on hail and comebacks,a good goose killin call -rick running a special price on acrylics right now -100 shipped
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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