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does anybody still shoot these guns i got one for my 14th birthday and love to shoot it at everything from doves to geese to clay anyone else shoot these old guns?
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For about 20 years I collected Winchester Model 12 duck guns. At one time I owned about 8 of them. I hunted with a deluxe duck gun with vent rib on and off for about 10 years. The problem with the duck guns is that when they were built the shells you bought were rolled crimped and were a little shorter than now a days 3" shells. The duck gun did not function real well due to feeding problems. When the 3" hull was shucked out the tip of the hull would rub the front of the reciever. I still loved to shoot the gun. Have you seen a duck gun?

Ithaca MagTen
North Carolina
What's the difference between the Model 12and the Ranger 120, 1300 models?? :roll:
Model 12 was a hand fit hand machined pump gun built from about 1912 to about 1965 or 67. It was a much better gun than the 1300 or later models which had cast receivers. The model 12 heavy duck gun had a heavy barrel and 3" chamber and weighted stock.

Ithaca MagTen

Check this out: ... i_79586222
ive never seen the duck gun you are talking about my gun will only shoot 2 3/4 shells
Next time you are at a gun show ask around for model 12 duck gun or model 12 magnum.

I own 2 model 12's
20 and 16

I used to use them when I was first starting waterfowling But I just use them for upland now

Winchester has gone down hill since the model 12. What a great gun it is/was.
i own a 12 gauge and hunt upland and waterfowl and clay with it i love this gun especially the full choke
Are ALL 3" Mod 12s considered "heavy duck" guns? If not, what are the differences with each? I have a 1942 "Super X" Mod 12 with a 32" solid rib. Heavy Duck?
All Win. Model 12s that had 3" marked on chamber were considered Heavy duck guns. 32" solid rib is fairly rare. If it is marked 3" look at the thickness of the end of the barrel. It is twice as thick as a 2 3/4" gun. The words stamped on the barrel on a duck gun changed several times. I had one at one time that stated " For Super Speed and Super-X shells". I might be able to place online a copy of an original owners manual showing duck gun if any of you would like.

Ithaca MagTen
That would be great - thanks! You're right, I haven't seen many solid rib guns. And mine also says "For Super Speed and Super X".
I have wanted one for a while, and am still kicking myself for not buying one a few years back at a gun show. It had deluxe burl walnut furniture and was probably a 95% gun- $350 bucks and he was wanting to deal on all his stuff. I was in the market for a new deer rifle though and didn't have the funds for both...
My father past away and I was lucky enough to inherit his model 12. It is serial number 1790508. the barrel is stamped model-12-12ga.-full FOR SUPER SPEED & SUPER-X 3 IN. Can anybody give me any info on this? Value? Even though I will never sell it. I also was wondering how to dissasemble for cleaning. My dad shot many ducks and geese while I was growing up and loved the gun and kept it even though he bought a super x2. Thanks for the help.
What length barrel, vent rib? solid rib? What condition?

The barrel is a 30" standard non ribbed barrel. As for the condition it is what I would say, well, used, some of the bluing is showing wear and some of the finish is wearing off the wood. mechanically it seems rust. Thanks for any info.
I would guess the gun is worth $350-$450.00.

For manual of takedown Winchester printed a large blue manual.
U.S. Repeating Arms
Product Service Dept.
275 Winchester Avenue
P.O. Box 30-300
New Haven, Conn. 06511

If any of you want a few pages mailed to you email send me PM. I'll get them out next week end.

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