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Win. X2 or Mossy 935

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I'll soon be buying a new gun for next season since my wife is taking over my A5 mag. It's down to the X2 and the 935. Price don't matter. Performance does. Both guns have been proving to be very reliable. The 935 is being toted by many as being the best patterning shotgun around because of the overbored barrel, but the X2 is also overbored. I'll be using an adjustable choke anyway, not the factory ones. How do they compare in fit?? I'm 5'6 and 170lb. Any clue which would fit me better? I'd like to swing 'em both but the local dealers don't have any of either model in stock :? Has anyone tried both of them? Does one really have a big advantage over the other?? I do like Mossy's 10 yr. warrenty, thats a plus, as are the shims that come with it. Any opinions or advise that can make this an easier choice?? I'm only interested in these 2 models, no others
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Im in the same boat as you. I am looking to get another waterfowl gun for next year and was looking at the X2 and the 935. I have swang both guns but i think im going to go with the X2 because i like the raised rib. I have heard many great things about both guns, but am lookign to get the X2 with a dura touch finish.
I'm biased...get the 935, I love mine and it shoots like a dream.

Look at it this way, it's cheaper to buy and try than the Winchester. If it doesn't work for you, sell it or trade it toward the X2.
this is purely anecdotal but everyone i know that has a 935 hates it. the bugs dont seem to be worked out yet.
romancenturian said:
this is purely anecdotal but everyone i know that has a 935 hates it. the bugs dont seem to be worked out yet.
Funny....everyone that I've heard from about both of these guns loves them....with very few exceptions.
like i said, purely anecdotal evidence. i am sure the same could be said for almost any shotgun. the 1187's have gotten a bad rep in some circles.
romancenturian said:
the 1187's have gotten a bad rep in some circles.
I wonder why they have a bad rep....they are a health risk, thats why.Check it out for yourself....this is something I believe every hunter should be aware of.Although I don't like posting threads to other forums, I believe this one has it's place....kind of a public health warning.Sorry if I'm out of line here, but I want this to be known, it could save a life. ... did=179912
that is an awesone link, did not know that was such a problem. most folks i know just have failure to feed problems.

I know some hunters think I'm just "bashing"....thats not the case here. I don't think being around these guns is a good you can see why. Rem. quality has slipped hugely and it should be made known for everyone's benefit.I won't be around an 11-87 while hunting....I don't want to get "fragged"!!!
Out of the two you have listed I would go with the SX2. Basically the same gun as my Browning, and I like both of them. Never heard a guy ever say that he wished he hadn't bought a SX2.

As for the 11-87, I wonder how well it was cleaned out of the box, and if all the grease was taken out of it. I have shot 10K + rounds through one, and have seen even more. I wouldn't hesitate to buy or shoot one. I have seen an expensive italian gun crack at the receiver and tear itself apart. Any gun manufacturer has flaws, as they are made by humans, and there will be lemons.
bgoldhunter said:
Any gun manufacturer has flaws, as they are made by humans, and there will be lemons.
True enough, but Rem seems to have MORE than it's fair share of lemons,as do a couple other co.'s.
I guess everyone I know is lucky. I'm working a deal on another one right now, I'm not exactly too worried about it.

Maybe I should go warn my dad, my uncle, my hunting buddies, and.....

You can joke all you want, but I don't think that a gun blowing up in the hands of a kid is any laughing matter. You can make "lite" of these situations all you want, but how are you going to feel if it happens to someone close to you???Especially since you have the information to prevent it.How would you feel if your hunting buddy lost his hand because of one of these "slam-fire specials".Would you still be joking about it????
I'm really not making light of anything, but feel that this case was probably not the cause of the gun. To have a firing pin in that position in a brand new gun, I feel it was probably a cleaning issue. I greatly feel for the guy and his son, and of course, would never like for that to happen. However, I feel that sometimes the gun is blamed for something that was not actually the cause of poor manufacture, but the owner.
935 all the way i own one since your shorter i figure this would be helpful it has 4 spacers to alter the angle of the gun so as soon as you shoulder her its one line
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