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Brand New Parka and Bibs - Must Sell

I received the Whitewater 4-1 Rhino Parka and bibs as a gift at Christmas but never wore. Check out Cabelas and Ducks Unlimited websites for details. If you are a causual watefowler, you should probably pass on these. The parka and bibs are heavy duty and made for the die-hards stay out in the blind all day. Probably some of the best waterfowl gear on the market.

My wife paid $199 for the parka and $149 for the bibs. These are still the current prices at Cabelas and DU. I'll take $280 (plus shipping) for both. I will only charge actual shipping costs (and send however you want)...probably about $10 through UPS Ground (depending on where you live).

Still have a month to goose hunt in Pennsylvania.
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