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Which would you buy?

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Which would you preferr
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I currently have 4 dozen standard carrylite shells and am planning on selling them just becasue after one season they have satrted to chip near the head and the base. I cant afford full bodies or mhave enough room to haul them and have narrowed my choices down to these three, which would you reccomend.

Carrylite economy Shells $50 dz ... spx?id=577

Greenhead Shells with flocked heads $120 dz ... estid=5408

Deceivers by Herters (apparently never chip or peel) $115 dz ... hasJS=true

I am looking to get 4 dozen i like the setup of a bunch of dekes 35 or so with a small group about 30 yards off, got that tip off here and the ol' geese started dropping..........I personally like the greenhead but have heard missed opinions on how they hold, im a colllege kid who hunts way more than he should and want something affordable yet durable.

Thanks for you help.
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also do you belive this enough decoys or would 2-3 dozen be ample? I am also planning on buying a laydown blind, most likely the Cabelas Interceptor, seems to fit me the best and most comfortable by far.
deadeye... I prefer the GHG shells because of the sleeper head positions as I usually run them in my spread when its real cold or hunting on ice. But I am running them with fullbodies, so you might prefer something that provides more feeder positions... its all a personal preference.

Another shell I didn't see in your poll were the G&H shells. I would consider them as well as they are extremely durable, paint does not come off, and pack together very nicely. I have a couple dozen G&H magnum shells that still look great after being used for the past 12 years.

I've seen a lot of Carrylites over the years with a lot of missing paint and I cannot speak towards the Herters as I've never hunted over them. It all comes down to cost, durability, and what you like to see in a deke. For me, its the the sleeper heads and realistic body position of the GHG's, but the next in line for me is the G&H's.
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I like GHG (Greenhead Gear) myself. Put them on motion stakes and they look just like a fullbody IMO. If you are on the X is doesn't matter really matter how many decoys you have because the birds want to be there. You could kill your limit if you are on the X of many flocks with a dozen decoys or less.
i would be using them in the early season as well as the later, so i would most likely want the feeder packs and possibly buy some sleepers? would that be the thing to do? How much are the motion stakes? Wheres the best place to find them? I was going to buy 2-4 dozen, what would you prefer?
I would go ahead and get the cheaper ones if money is the issue, (and it looks like it is). But, get a flocking kit and make them look like the high buck dekes.
Were can you find the motion stakes and are thery compatable with all shells.
I have a buddy that uses the carrylite one piece shells, they work. The race here is between the Herters and GHG.The Herters don't look as good but may be more durable. GHG, on the other hand, look really good but might still have paint issues. It's a tough call.....I'd go GHG and have touch up paint ready.
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