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Which of the big 4

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If you had to start your call collection all over again from scatch, which of these calls would you start with and why? What material would you choose??
Here are your choices
Foiles SMH
GK Original
Grounds Pro mag
Zink SR-1
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Plainsman: I'm a long reed guy (only for the time being), but I think that, if I was just starting out, I'd go w/ the Tim Grounds Pro mag. When I seriously go short reed, I'd like to try a Grounds.
plainsman, I am just starting out with short reeds so this post grabs my attention. I started out with a foiles meatgrinder(funds are limited) and my uncle just got a gk slayer. both sound good but I think that the gk slayer sounds a little better to me so that would probably be my next call. I also pondered the idea eventually getting a grounds and a zink call. Just my opinion on them.
Gotta go with the SMH.... Even though I can't stand the guy, he makes some awesome calls! 8)
grounds Pro super mag all the way. I bought some cheaper calls in the begining and regret it . Start at the top and it will save you money in the long run.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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