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Which call work?

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Hi, What call would you recommend? I am going to start hunting geese this year but i dont know which call to use. Can anyone out there give me some advise on which call to use that isn't extremely expensive?
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i would recommed a wing-lock there very inexpensive and great customer service
i have a zink which isn't inexpensive but they have a new one will only run you 30 and is the same call just made with molded plastic
Winglock delrin is a great first sr....very goosey and customer service is tops
i agree, get a zink call. i have the powerclucker in the cocabola, but i cant tell u how it sounds against that molded one for 30$ since cabelas never has them. Zink i have found to be one of the more forgiving short-reeds. If i were u id start out with a short reed cuz once u hear them and blow them they are sooo much greater then flutes.... watch out before u kno u'll ahve 500+ dollars hangin from ur neck like me :D

lata, 2d
$500, that's it??? :lol:
If you are new and never called geese before you might start out on a flute style call. Get a Big River. If you can blow a short reed get a Buck Gardner Canada Hammer. They have a molded one for around $20 or $25. When you save up enough money and want to graduate to a high dollar acrylic get a Foiles or a Zink Paralyzer.
Another good option would be the GK slayer or a Gander valley.....then again, the Heartlands calls ain't to shabby either!
wing-lock delerin i would recomend. short reed is the way to go if this is your first call might as well take the time and get good on a short reed.wing-lock has a nice sounding acrylic too.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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