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Which blind is best?

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I was just wondering what everybody thought was the best layout blind out there. I am trying to decide between the Avery Finisher, power hunter , or Gooseview X-terminater. What are the ups and downs of these or if you have any suggestions on other blinds that would be great. Thanks
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finisher i have it and love it...
The final approach x- lander is my choice, I tried a finisher at gander mountain last night and it was nowhere near as comfortable as my x lander.
I hunted in an X-Lander and loved it. I'm on a budget so i'm going to purchase the power hunter in field khaki.
They didnt have any of the power hunters at the store i was in. I also wanted to check them out for exactly that reason,, they are around a hundred bucks cheaper. I ended up buying another x lander for my son, they had them 20 dollars cheaper than cabelas.

The Xlander is the lowest profile, but it's very hard to hunt out of. The "flaps" lay on your chest and restrict your calling, and if you roll around it causes the flaps to move.

You'll always get different opinions and whatever suites you is the best blind. For me personally, I'm on a budget as well and you can't beat the Xterminator from Nodak Outdoors for 200 bucks in my opinion.

Good hunting
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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