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which bird

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I had a small flock fly over at close range and took the lead bird. I read some where that if you take the lead bird they are suppose to be easier to call back, but they wanted no part of that. What's the scoop, which bird? :?
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Shoot the one that you have the highest percentage of bringing down. Be smart and ethical.

The fact is, that in over 30 years of hunting geese I've only seen them some back when there was a pair and only early in the season. This late in the year they have heard the sound of shotguns a lot and have been well schooled in what it means. The best advice I can offer is to take the bird in the hand.
Shoot the farthest bird you can cleanly kill 1st. Then work you way in to the closet birds which will still be in range. This is especially important when hunting with new people, they will shoot the closet biggest bird to them. Shoot in your zone and teach others to do the same. It will Rain Geese! Good luck. By shooting the farthest bird in range 1st you do not have to Rush your 2nd and third shots resulting in much cleaner hits.
In a Tim Grounds video he says to try and pic out the bird that turns the flock towards you, then that bird usually drops back. That's the bird you want, according to Tim. In my opinion, take the one closest to you for a surekill, then shoot cleanup.
Shoot to kill. Which ever is easiest/cleanest shot. One in the hand beats 2 in the bush.
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