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Where's everyone from??

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I'll start by introducing myself, I am Jeff Given. I am 22 years old andI hunt specks and snows in Sacramento, CA....Very new to goose hunting but very well aquanited with duck hunting I am in the process of building one hell of a spread for snows and specks for the coming season.

Where is everyone from?

Jeff Given
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hi i'm billy and am 16 years old. i am from gardner, illinois. i hunt everything. mostly waterfowl.
How's it going Billy...Not exactly the most exciting rooms here...Kinda dead actually. Ohh well, whatcha gonna do?

Jeff Given
Dave from Moorhead, Minnesota. I read from the DNR that fewer than 200 Speckle-Bellies are shot in Minnesota annually. Too bad, there's so many of them just next door in the Dakotas.... May have to spring for a non-resident liscense one of these years, I hear those things are deliscous!
I am from Kansas. We get some specks. Fun trying to chase them, but I have only shot a couple.
Can you even decoys specks on purpose? They usually flock with snows don't they? I see them with snows and blues, maybe especially with the blues in the spring in SD....
specs will decoy on their own, good calling and decoy spread is a must

you might check out a call from JJ LARS in Chico CA

it is a great spec call , I have used Haydels and others Lars is tops

specs are all over north sacramento valley, they are definetly the cadillac of waterfowl, and the best table fare
Shane from South Dakota, I don't know where researcher sees all these specks in the Dakota's because we hardly ever see them.
Pacific flyway, starting to see some respectable number of specs in sac valley, how's the spec migration elsewhere going? Just curious

I live in the north west of Scotland and i was very surprised to see what I seen on Saturday morning!Four flocks of good old Specklebelly.That is about 40 Specklebelly geese that i never knew would be here.Of course my uncle and I had to take one each!Lol.They came right to the GreyLag call.We don't have GreyLag decoys because we cannot seem to fing any, Does anyone know where we could acquire some??

Scott M
Hey, that is very intresting, about specs in Scotland, is this typical, do they migrate to there or are they going more south? Thanks for the info
I'm Dave from Freeburg, IL. We have a few specks around but mainly Canadas. I prefer the taste of Specks for sure.

I normally only see specks in the spring, migrating more or less with the flocks of snows and blues. I almost took a shot at one once in low light in March out in SD. Thought it was a blue, but something didn't look right. Whew! That was close!

But I never have seen large concentrations of them, I've just heard they are huge in Nebraska - supposedly 100,000 fly through Cherry county each fall - and also in Saskatchewan. How do they go from Saskatchewan to Nebraska without flying though the Dakotas?

-Dave from Moorhead
Saskatoon. We've even got a bar here called "Specklebellies".
Hi I'm Derek From North Cenral Alberta. Over the years, we always kind of thought of Specks as an after thought. They seemed to us to be sort of second class when we were hunting Canada's. Also, they just seemed to dive into your decoys without even thinking. Then all of a sudden things changed. They began to become very wary and flaring from Canada spreads at 400 yards. In my opinion they are better tasting then Canada's but now tougher to get. I suspect they have been getting a lot more pressure along the flyway and therefore are getting smarter about decoys, blinds and calling. I just painted up a couple dozen of my old G&H standard Canada deeks to look like specks because I want to actually try and bring them in. There are a lot that move through our country. I also bought a speck call from Sean Mann. If you go onto his website, you can hear him call it. It sounds awesome!! Has anyone else used the Sean Mann Speck call?
I'm mike, and I live in Lloydminster, its on the Alberta and Saskatchewan border, but I go to University in the Alberta capital of Edmonton. We have never set up purposely for specks although we do shoot wuite a few of them, they seem to come into the canada decoys and calling fairly well. I would like to get a big one with a band on it to get mounted, is that to much to ask? :D
Hey Mike. We shot a couple down by Castor off of Sullivan Lake that were big mature birds with blue neck bands. That might make a pretty interesting mount! I think they're starting to use more neck bands now. I've been hunting for 35 years and I shot my first Canada with a neck band this year. I think they want to be able to get more info without birds actually getting shot. Bird watchers etc. can read the numbers on the neck bands from a distance through the binoculars. I also got a $100.00 reward band on a greenhead this year.
Had a spec shoot at canadain thanksgiving, South of Galloway bay, just north of Cabri, SK, Canada.

What a flock of geese!!!

They come in waves by the hundreds for a couple of hours. What a sight!!
Hey all,

Billy here from Lake Charles Louisiana. I hunt in Thornwell Louisiana. Can't wait for next November!!!!
I hunt the Copper River Delta in Alaska. Two seasons ago we got 11 specks on opening day. Usually I'm lucky to get 1 a season. We get Canadas (inlcuding our exclusive local sub population of Dusky Canada Geese) and snows and a few brand migrate, but mostly offshore on islands.

Lots of ducks, but have taken more interest in goose and crane hunting these days.
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