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Where to find late seaso snows?

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Hi guys, I was woundering if any of you might know where to go in Colorado,S.Dakota,Nebraska,Kansa to kill any spring season snow geese? Is there any cheap, quality guides? Would also be willing to trade for some canadian goose hunting in western Colorado.

Appreciate any repiles,
Goose man
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Why get a guide when you could hunt with friends already out there,or going out there this spring with people from your area. All you have to do is meet people on these type of websites and become their friends,which isn't very hard to do since we all share this damn hobby way to much. There are a lot of people on these hunting websites that'll let you share an awesome hunt just so you don't go to a guide.
A guide should always be a last resort in my eyes, I'm a do it yourselfer when it comes to hunting.. 8)
I agree with #1.... do it yourself. It's so much more satisfying. 4 years ago, I hunted a guy's property in Missouri. I saw snows working some fields. I asked arund about the owner. I was directed to a local resturant. I got permission (gladly I might add)... I called him 2 weeks ago, he said come on down and hunt again.. turns out, the guy farms about 20 fields.

This will be a lifelong contact...

SCOUT, SCOUT, SCOUT! If you are not willing to put on the miles it will be tough for ya.
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