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Where are the Snows???

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Has anyone any information on where the Snows are in southern New Jersey? I would like to give them a try before the end of the season. Thanx.
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What a shame! You guys don't want to share. :cry: Well, I went out on my own and found 'em anyway. Can't wait for next season. I'll be ready. See ya around boys!!!
hunting is the **** ive never done it but im sure it cool i got all the **** to go i just never do i dont no i guess ill go soon
their there bud...just look into the bay...i was down there and had a great day..dropped 11 birds...had alotta deks out...but only the lil groups werer comming in..cause there was so many in the air..but you won't find a better place then the Nj marshes...!!!!Honkers41 :D
hey Bro try off bay point...i heard they moved alil south...from what i heard........Honkers41 goodluck...can't
make it down this i'll wait to next year....had a great year down ther.....!!!!!!!!!!! :D GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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