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Where are the geese?

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Anyone have any info on where the snows are at. :lol:
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I saw 3 flocks yesterday w central Mo near KC.Maybe 300 birds total.
lewy_77 said:
Anyone have any info on where the snows are at. :lol:
we got over 500,000 in so il killing average of 40 a day over decoys
Still a good number of Geese in the "Flyway State" Mississippi

Gonne get after them this weekend! :D
We have 100's of thousand in SE Nebraska. Tough to decoy. :cry:
Headin west on the 26th to Mound City, MO to do some snow goose huntin... any info on the # of birds in those parts??
Last I heard there were 250K on Squaw Creek.

You should be timing it pretty good.
we are starting to see a few up in NE South Dakota
Today I saw over 100 snows and blues but never got any shot at them.
Are geese holding anywhere in the northern half of SD?

I'd figure it'd have to be froze up?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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