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What's the mighty 10 ga. worth

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I recently Purchased an H&R single shot 10 gauge with a 36" inch barrel. the wood is in decent shape and the metal is spot free Now..... without telling you guys what I payed for it you tell me what you would pay for a weapon of this caliber 8)
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I would pay....................$0. :lol: :lol: :lol: For real, depending on how old it is, around $700. Just a guess and it might not be to good.

Be fore warned ,I bought one of these last year. And while I slayed a ton of geese with it last year, on my 3rd time out this year I fired it and had the stock split from the sling loop all the way up to the reciever exposing my shoulder to the counter weight inside. May I say the bruise is still significant !!! Just thought you should know.

PS. I know what you probably paid. :wink:
:p Are you for real? I highly dought it. any way Okieshooter lets here it what do ya think I paid? :?: anyways happy hunting
Not really....I would like to know how old it is and I told you it was a guess. I really know nothing about that gun. I told you, I would pay $0 for it. :lol: And I think you paid less then $100 for it.
Just looked it up on line and my new guess is around $250. :lol: I still think you paid under $100 for it.
Dead serious ,FP ! Why would I tell you a lie on something like this? I mean product safety when it comes to firearms is something I ain't about to [email protected]#ck around with . And firearms that split in the stock during shooting are not something I'm about to fool with. So, like I said be wary of it. Incidentally, I took it back to the retailer and they gave me a refund in full.
fowlpursuit said:
:p Are you for real? I highly dought it.
I think that was for me about my guess of $700. I don't think he was saying that he didn't believe you.
Sorry okieshooter, goose hunter is right. I thought 700$ was alittle too much. I didn't dought what you said...sorry for the mix up 8)
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