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what's the best canadian goose call

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i was just wondering what the best goose call is and how much it costs?

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I like my foils meat grinder. It only costed me $40. They usualy run $60 you just have to shop around.
I love my short reed that I got from a guy named Steve. He made if from birdseye maple burl.

If you want to see it, go to
its the the second from left.

Sounds great and I can produce all sounds. Plus its all under warranty.
The best call is what fits you and the sound you are after. I have calls I really like, that my buddy doesn't and vice versa. Are you after a high or low pitch, mellow or sharp tones, etc. A call can have everything you are after, but if you don't like how it blows, move on. There are plenty of other calls that will probably work better for you.

Try to find a place that lets you try calls and see what you like. Don't worry about what name is on it but what really fits you best.
i love my meat grinder, and i love my big river goose flute
bgoldhunter is right. There is no best call. It is all a matter of personal preference. What works for me might not work for you. I love Zink calls but you may try them and hate them. You just need to go somewhere and try as many calls as you can and find what fits you best.
Recently I've come to like my Tru-Tone alot. Its the best call, especially for the money, the poly-carb is like thirty bucks. and compared to the grounds polycarb super mag for 70, the difference is like night and day.
I like the sean mann eastern shoremann it gives a great mellow tone but its rather expensive.
This depends on your skill. More experienced hunters will get great sounds with calls a beginer would be better of leaving at home.
My first call was a Primos BIG EASY flute. I still love it.
As others have posted the best goose call is the call you are the most confident with. Having said that there is no doubt in my mind that a skilled short reed caller with out call the best flute caller. If you hunt in a competitive environment, best start off with a short reed as blowing flutes will only reinforce poor calling habits. As far as tone goes, I have to agree with Shawn Stahl. Higher pitched calls kill geese, lower pitched calls win contests. Short Reed calls are readily available from $25.00 to $200 and some like th GK Jack Miners will cost ya more than that. You don't always get what you pay for. Scott Thrienen won many contest with a Tim Grounds SuperMag Polycarb. He now also uses a Tim Grounds ProMag. Many call manufacturers produce both high end acrylics and lower end inexpensive polycarbs, delrin or injection molded calls that may or may not have the exact same guts as its acrylic versions. There are many great calls out there and my best advice is to get into the short reeds and truly learn and practice with them. Find the whole tone range that the call is capable of. You can sound plenty "goosey" with higher toned calls. There are many great instructional tools like Shawn Stahls Honker Talk and Fred Zinks Ancient art of Paralizing as well as Dave Smiths Breathrough II. As in everything else, practice, practice, practice.
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With out beating a dead horse. As a call maker I believe most call guts are pretty much the same. They all can be tuned correctly or incorrectly. Most of the BEST ones are in my opinion hype. The call maker is well known or has the $$$ to get their name out there. I could probably put my guts in one of the well known calls out there or vice versa and you would not know the difference.

Just my opinion and please if I offended anyone, especialy call makers I apologize. I respect most of you, you have all paved the road.

C DUBB[/b]
:D i agree with c-dubb he tell's the experienced call maker's paved the way for us.and i it's time for the new-breed to take over.this is my opinion.still wanna get a call from me bernie????it's a short-reed. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink: :wink:
C-Dubb do you sell your calls? that sounds like a dumb question but were could I get info?

(if there any good i mean :lol: )
WIgoosin My web site is now on my profile. guess I forgot about that. I think my calls are pretty good. Of course I will think that. SPONASS on this forum purchased one ask him what he thinks.

C Dubb
any winglock is good but the new lomgneck rocks,availablr in delrin or in acrylic now for a hundred shipped
setter said:
any winglock is good but the new lomgneck rocks,availablr in delrin or in acrylic now for a hundred shipped
I'll second that, Winglocks are great calls. The delrin has been my go to call for a while now.....deep and goosey.Steve from
also makes great calls. I got a cocobola call from him a little while ago. Let me tell you, it's right up there with the best of them. It's really giving my Winglock a run for it's money.
Hey Setter, :welcome: It's good to see you made it over here. I haven't seen you around lately. How did your season go??
i agree with shoreman-since89 you cannot denounce sean mann calls or forget about us the calls are great
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