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what shotgun should i get?

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hi guys me again........ i am trying to decide on a new shotgun to get i am working with a budget here so i am not going to be getting the best of the best.... right now its between the stoeger model 2000 12 gauge 3" MAX4 HD and the charles daly MAXI-MAG 3-1/2 MAX4 HD 12 gauge anybody know anything about either? love to hear your oppinions!
if you know of any other type of semi auto 12 gauge or 10 gauge camo shotguns within $450 let me know about it
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The Stoeger has devoted fans....supposed to be a good gun for the $$...if you like Italian guns,customer service isn't to hot though. The Daly is just plain taboo, work good for about 2 yr. and nothing but trouble after that....have heard this from dozens of FORMER owners
thanks i am liking the looks of that stoeger... and it sounds a bit better the only problem is that it doesnt shoot 3.5
Look into the Baikal MP153 or Mossberg 935. Both VERY solid 3 1/2" shooters at reasonable prices 8)
i dont like semi auto guns i prefer pumps and the best pump i have ever shot is an old winchester model 12 12 gauge but idk if anyother people like them

anybody shoot a model 12?
i shot a goose tonight with my nova and....................... i dont know i love that gun it is a sweet shooting sob it works great for me. never have had a single trouble with it.................. what is a semi auto going to do for me? is it going to improve anything?
I would agree the Nova's a a very good gun I have two. And maybe an auto won't do anything for you. However, for some people it takes most of the recoil out of the gun and allows them to shoot more effectivly by staying down and the gun and not worrying about pumping. I'm not saything that this is how it effects everyone but for some this is true.
I tend to agree w/ the pump people. I've got a BPS in 10ga. What a gun. Goes w/ me from turkeys to geese to ducks. I use the blued/walnut w/ a 28" bbl - no ducks or geese have seen it yet.
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