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What kind of fields?

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What kind of fields do you have your best luck in? My best were in a very nice alfalfa field. Does it just depend whats in your area?

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I think it does depend on the area. We hunt barley, wheat, corn and if you can find a pea field around here they are usually really good. It also depends on the time of year. When it gets cold corn is usually the only thing the birds are using.
In Canada hands down is peas followed closely by barley. Back home if the corn is cut it's hard to beat. Although I've killed a pile of them on alfalfa and clover.
Around here the best fields to hunt in are wheat and corn. We don't have many pea, clover or barley fields. Then again, a very good spot I have is pasture with a 2 acre lake. It's not quite as good as some others I hunt, but when the geese are there, the hunting is fantastic.
Our best luck on a certain type of field has to be disc corn. Around here, they go nuts over it.
where i hunt the feilds they sit in first are cut wheat (ealry sept). don't over look hay though. they sit in that even if it's a foot tall. i also agree corn is best as soon as its available.
here in MI we hunt wheat early in the season (sept) then bean fields then in late season cut corn. some times we might find a grass field or alfalfa not to often tho.
Early season - Hay, Alfalfa, Clover Oats or Wheat

Mid season - Add Beans and some corn to the list

Late season - Mostly corn as geese are loading on carbs for the flight or to put on fat for the winter.

We have our best luck in corn fields overall, otherwise stubble fields work good too.
Wherever the birds are, but usually during early season up here alfalfa, oats, or maybe during the end of the second week chopped corn.
Mostly cut corn, bean, and a field or two with wheat.
You are more likely to find a lentil field in Canada than a pea field. Both of them are like candy to a goose though. Next choice is barley (strangely, they really like it after the stubble has been burned), then wheat.
Has anyone had luck in soy bean fields? The one farm I hunt on strip farms it and he has soy beans where he had corn last year and that is the best spot. God forbid I move that extra 40 yards. :lol:
I have had decent luck in beans. They aren't fields that I really concentrate on , though. Most of the time we hunt beans, they are fields that are close to our other spots, and happen to be active at the moment. Very rarely do I see geese in bean fields more that use them more than a day or two, probably because there is so much to choose from here.
SaskatoonGooseHunter. Where would you find a lentil field within 130 miles of Saskatoon. I don't even know what one looks like. Are they similiar to peas?
Most of the time we're hunting wheat in early Sept.But once the farmers start to green chop corn,the geese all but forget about wheat and if we find a bigger mowed sweetcorn out.Thats the goose candy around here.
I am from Illinois, and we tend to see geese go to corn fields that have been plowed right away. That tends to be the first fields that they go to around here, and it is harder hunting them, and almost requires a coffin blind to do really good, since there isn't any corn stalks sticking up and is mainly black. They will hit them up for a couple weeks but then they start to go to the no-till fields where we can bring our blinds out and lay in the fields.
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