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What kind of ammo?

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What kind of ammo should I use for snow geese? I will be using a 12 guage. Does it have to be steel shot if I will be field hunting? Also, should I use BB's or #3 or what? I am hunting in New York. Thanks.
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Regardless of whether you hunt in the States or Canada, the laws state that you must use steel for waterfowl. In the spring, some states allow you to remove the plug from your gun but you must review your state regulations. As to size of shot, I prefer BB but have killed plenty with #2s as well. On any geese I would error on the larger size. You'll never complain about having killed a goose too dead.
BB, BBB or T in steel but BB is fine and #2 heavy shot if you got that kind of money.
I agree, usually shoot BB, but also shoot BBB or 2's. If they are decoying nicely 2's may be the ticket.
Snows die easy. I normally shoot what ever I have left at the end of our regular seasons. Duck loads, canada loads and after that the most inexpensive steel I can get my hands on.

Double Clucker
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