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What kind of ammo?

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What kind of ammo should I use for snow geese? I will be using a 12 guage. Does it have to be steel shot if I will be field hunting? Also, should I use BB's or #3 or what? I am hunting in New York. Thanks.
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#1. Use steel shot always. #2. what length of shell will your gun take?? If it's 3 or 3 1/2'"s, go out and buy 3" #4's, #2's, and a box of BB's. Pattern test your gun with a modified and full choke, using all of the different boxes you jsut bought. Whichever throws the most symetrical pattern in a 30" circle at 40 yards, use it and remember it.
It's recomended that you only use an open choke such as a modified or improved cylinder. This is what is recomended by the manufacturers.
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