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What is your favorite shot size?

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What is everybodys favorite shot sizes in steel, bismuth, and hevishot? Mine would be BBB's in steel and I havent shot any of the hevishot B's that I loaded up. Also what velocity do you shoot? (we are talking about geese!)
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Hevi-shot #4 (most of the time) and #6es (if they are decoying well). 1300 fps is plenty for hevi-shot. How far do you shoot at geese because hevi-shot size B seems overkill for any goose shooting? Hevi-shot #2's will take you out to 80 yards IF you can hold the pattern together. 8)
I like 2's for ducks, and BB or BBB for geese. I would use a high velocity load (1550 fps) - because speed kills!
I shot either BB or BBB in steel, if i shoot tungsten matrix i usually go with #1 they seem to do a very good job.
I would say that my average shots at geese are 40-45 yards. The birds here seem to get educated pretty quick and unless you are right where they are going most of the time they just fly over you. Hevishot 2's out to 80 yards huh, well that makes me feel good about the B's cause I havent shot any of them yet. In steel I am shooting 1.5oz at 1500 and in hevishot I am shooting 1.75oz at 1340. Why do you think hsB's are overkill 2118? What size steel did you shoot before hs came out?
I prefer to use BBs at 1550 fps, and I shoot 1 and 2s for ducks.
I have had good luck with win. high velocity bbs there cheap and knock down birds just fine out to as far as Im willing to shoot.
And a 1.75 once load of hevi-shot. :shock: Are you trying to take down planes. :lol: I thought the B's were overkill because #2's are overkill if your shots are under 50 yards. I would use the #4's if your shots are under 50 yards. I will take a 1.125 once load of #6's out of my 20 gauge for me when the birds are decoying well. :mrgreen: :beer: Here is a link on all non-toxic shot that they have out now and the power of all of them. That means you can drop down six sizes from steel to hevi-shot and still have the same power. 8)
I do not agree with the site that you gave me>I do all my reloading through ballistic products. They were producing 1450+fps shells 15 years ago, way before factory ammo makers ever thought about it. Their reloading manual says 2 to 3 sizes smaller than steel and the same size as lead or 1 smaller. Here is some info for you.
2 Hevi-Shot
20 yards 994 fps 10.1ftlb energy 5in gelatin penetration
40 yards 750 fps 5.8ftlb energy 2.8 in gelatin penetration
60 yards 565 fps 3.3ftlb energy 1.6 in gelatin penetration
4 Hevi-Shot
20 yards 962 fps 6.43ftlb energy 3.28 in gelatin penetration
40 yards 701 fps 3.41ftlb energy 1.74 in gelatin penetration
60 yards 511 fps 1.81ftlb energy .92 in gelatin penetration
Steel BB
20 yards 991 fps 13.8ftlb energy 5.3 in gelatin penetration
40 yards 745 fps 7.8ftlb energy 3.0 in gelatin penetration
60 yards 560 fps 4.4ftlb energy 1.7 in gelatin penetration

These are out of 11ed. Status of Steel and 4ed. Handloading HeviShot
All of these figures have the same velocity 1300fps @ 3ft
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Thanks for the info. :D I think we need more real hunting tests on shot sizes and types and the only way to do that is to try them all. :roll: I know Remington says drop down three shot sizes from steel to hevi-shot and environ-metal says five and the link I gave you says six. I drop down around 4 shot sizes. I would want more than enough power as opposed to not enough. And I would use those B's you have. I just thought it was going to be very hard to hold the pattern togerther that's why I thought you would be better off with the #2's. I believe in pattern density more than pellet power. I think you are using the "steel" mentality with hevi-shot and it just doesn't work that way (blunder (other site) says this and it is a very good point).
That is why I have a 10ga its larger bore allows you to use larger pellets with less pellet chaos which in turn gives you better down range patterns and a shorter shot string. I have also had the forcing cone lengthend and the bore polished and I use a patternmaster. I do not have a bit of problem with pattern percentages. My steel 2's pattern 85-90%, BBB's 90%, Hevishot B 85-90% in 30 in circle at 40 yards. (steel is 1500fps) I went with B's because I am fortunate to know and have known several old timers that used to shoot lead. They all shot BB's or 2's depending on the situation. 2 for in the decoys and the BB's for the tougher shots. They also used 4 buck for those 100 to 125 yards shots. Back in lead shot days most people liked to skybust( or at least all the people I have talked to) I would recommend anyone who wants to learn more about the physics of steel shot and shotguns order a Status of Steel, it has more than just reloading info in it. Pattern density huh? One lethal pellet is worth more than 100 non lethal pellets. If you are shooting them that close than why bother with the HS? Would you rather me throw a handful of sand at you or a handful of rocks?(hypothetically speaking) Which will hurt worse? Not trying to rub you the wrong way just TRYING to show you both sides of the fence. If you can kill your birds with a 20ga than more power to you. I am jealous cause I dont have a spot that is that good. I really posted this to find out what everybody else uses not to get into a p__sing match with someone. If you want to use a slingshot, golf club,or a catapult than more power to you(although I would like to watch) that is your business! :lol:
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Hevi-shot was made so you can drop down in shot size, not shoot 100 yards. Remember that the "old timers" use to think that a longer barrel would shoot farther. That is not true. What I am saying with pattern density is that I rather have 10 pellets hit the goose and some of them are going to hit the goose in its unprotected head (that is why I use hevi-shot and to kill the bird as clean as possible). Why do people shoot turkeys in the head with #6 lead shot? Because a head shot is most lethal. I don't know or have seen anyone who would shoot a turkey in the body (as long as they had the option to shoot it in the head). Now if I went with the big shot theory, I could have a few pellets hit the goose and hope that one hits a lethal area or brakes a wing. If not, the bird flies away and dies some place else. Remember, no matter how many ftlbs. you have, you still have to hit your target in a VITAL AREA to kill it. This is my opinion. If you don't like it, don't use it. I am not trying to make a war. I am just telling you how I feel about hevi-shot. Alright, alright, I am done now. :lol:
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I agree with you on the good shooting part. As long as you head shoot geese you will kill them with smaller shot. What happens when you dont hit him in the head with the small shot? He flys away as a cripple. If you have larger shot it will penetrate the body cavity and kill him. As long as you pattern your gun you will know at what range when your gun no longer has a lethal pattern. I used "old timers" knowledge as a reference to pick out my hs size because I have not shot lead shot at waterfowl and from what I read they said same size or one smaller than lead. As far as turkeys go the reason behind head shooting is safety and legal shot sizes, we are only allowed to use 4,5,6,and7.5. Any size shot that will penetrate a turkeys body cavity would definetly be dangerous in the woods, and the last thing we need is some trigger happy no4 buckshot flying through the woods because with small shot you have to pick your shot and you know that you are shooting a turkey and not someone picking mushrooms on the other side of some brush. As far as a few pellets hitting the goose if 2 or 3 BBB's hit him in the breast or body cavity he is a dead bird out to 55-60 yards. As far as pellet count goes 1.5 BBB's 90 pellets, 1.75 hevi-shot B's roughly 85-95 as the shot size does not run all the same. Pretty close pattern counts just a smaller, heavier pellet. I hope that we havent scared everyone from posting up on shot sizes as I would like to see what everybody else has to say.
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But the small shot will not get to the goose's vitals if I miss the head. So it shouldn't die. It would get stuck in the breast meat. Now if you shot it with a bigger size, it will get to the vitals, but it might not hit something that would take the goose down right away, so it flies off and dies. I hope more peope say what they use also. :)
Well for geese in the old days it was lead 2, in steel it was t, in bismuth its bb and im undecied on hevi-shot size yet. have to do more shooting
Hevi Shot #4 and #2. This is the best pattening loads out of my gun, and seems to have a lot more penetration that steel ever did!
i use high velocity steel 1550 kent faststeel BBB sometimes i use t's havent shot hevishot yet
Kent BB for geese and #2 for ducks.
It seems that everyone has their own shot size, depending where they hunt and how far they shoot geese.
The whole idea is to kill them as quickly as possable,and not having any cripples.
I may take a lot of flack for this but who cares. Here is what I like.
I am useing a remington sp10 mag. loaded with (1st shell T shot) over the deks at 40 yrds (2nd shell TTT ) for the ones trying to get a quick getaway. (3rd shell #4 buck) out past the 12ga. range. The shot maybe over kill ,but I don't have cripples. and the pellits penitrate deep and at close range pass straight thru.
I have taken many people out hunting with me and they like what they see. (DEAD GEESE).
My shells are also hand loaded because the pellits are to big to go thru the loader.
there thats my 2 cents worth!!!
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