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how many shoot a SP10

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What gun do ya shoot

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I would like to see who is sgooting what ?
I love my remington SP10 :lol:
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I just read in this guys other post that he likes to shoot out past a 100 yards :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
That is Skybusting at its worst!

The longest lethal distance even for BB steel at 1550fps is around 65 yds. The problem is that most hunters can't hit the broad side of a barn at 100 yds much less hit a flying target at 35 yds.

In my book skybusting is shooting beyond the capability of the ammo, choke, and gun AND beyond the hunters personal shooting limitations.
If you look back at what I gave for a recipie for a 10GA. HAND LOAD you will see that I am NOT shooting a WHIMPY FACTORY LOAD!!!!! THIS load was recommended by the owner of an ammo factory.Through the local Rod& Gun Club And they were tested for preasure and volosity. the owner has also used these loads .
I know a guy who is consistent at over 60 yards with BB. Its unbelievable.
hey smoken gun I don't want you to get offended but look at it this way. How many geese can you kill out of a flock of 20 at 100 yrds? No more than 3? This just gives you 17 educated birds that will avoid decoys, calls, and flying under 100 yrds high. I am one of those hunters that love to call and work the birds in and shoot em at 15yrds away. The area that I'm hunting in is very presured and the tall shooting makes it harder to get those birds at that range and get a clean kill with minimal cripples. I use to have a 10 ga but decided that it was to much gun for how I like to kill em so it sits in the gun safe (because it is un heard of to sell a gun) and I shoot my browing gold 20 ga. I love the weight of this gun and shoot it real well. I've tripled up 7 times of big geese (over 10lbs) this year.

Double Clucker
So...we see that geese can be taken at 100 yards. I have to admit that we've done the old phone book test with heavy shot at 100+ yards with very satisfactory results.

However, we also decided that actually applying those shots would really lessen our hunting fun. Nobody on here doesn't get a charge of having a flock land in on top of you, otherwise we wouldn't spend a king's ransome on what it takes to goose hunt. We would ALL just shoot prarie dogs ! :D
Double clucker took the words our of my mouth exactly. Don't care if you have a friggin 8 ga with i don't care what size shot. 100+ yard shots are just hunters who aren't good enough to work them.
get a good call and get good on it, that'll lessen the need for reaching way out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my wife just bought me a beretta xtrema 3.5" sweet gun.. took its fair share of geese this year..
remington 11-87 sps
want to get the new SBE 2
I shoot a BPS in 10ga. That's right, boys - 10ga. I don't skybust - I shoot 'em when they're in the decoys, & I've been known to put them right in. Again, 10ga. No apologies.
I hunt with a Benelli Nova. It has been a very faithful gun. I goose hunt with nine other people. Nine out of the ten of us, have Novas and none of us have any problems.
For Waterfowl I always take the Benelli Nova out of the gun cabinet!
The NOVA is my goose gun also... 8)
SuperX2 for me 8)
Mossberg 500 20 gauge and a Remington 11-87 12 gauge.
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