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what gun do like to kill geese with

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i have hunted with a number of guns over the last few years and was wondering what guns do you all like/dis like.
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Got a Winchester X2 a couple months ago, and have shot many cases out of it this summer. Very slick gun, no problems thus far, and easy to clean.
Fretch said:
Got a Winchester X2 a couple months ago, and have shot many cases out of it this summer. Very slick gun, no problems thus far, and easy to clean.
I agree the X2 is a very well cycling gun!!As is the Benelli and Beretta.The Browning Gold Hunter hangs up on Toungesten Iron.
I just bought a Charles Daly 3 " semi auto. I will let you know how it works after opening day.
I use a remington 870 express magnum. It has served my purposes for a few years now. Although I have to admit I have not used many other pipes.
I have shot the majority of the pump guns (that shoot 3.5 in. shells) and like the Benelli Nova the best. Although raised with Mossbergs, reliability is sometimes questionable; the Remington super mag. seems to hang up on some shells; I "short-shuck" the Browning BPS; and I have not yet tried the Charles Daly. As for the autoloaders, I would suspect that Beretta/Benelli share the number 1 spot though I have heard that the Browning is pretty good (never heard of problems with Tungsten) and I can say, based on my experience with my 3" shooting Browning Gold that it is exceptional (just bought a Browning Gold Stalker tonight--10 ga.--about 5 pounds less than the Rem. equiv.).

Buy what feels good and give them birds hell. That's what I say and don't let your idiot buddies give your $#it about what you chose!

My old Remington 870 continues to serve me well. I is heavy enough so that it doesnt kick, and never jams.

Also, you dont really have to clean it. The action design rarely gums up. My other shotguns get a full cleaning every time I use them, but the 870 gets cleaned once a year.

Got a mossberg 835. great gun. wouldn't own any other. safety on thumb and pump cycle behind trigger. very convieniently located. can fire off three rounds before the first one hits the ground. who needs a semi.
I have been hunting super black eagle for the past two years and wouldnt trade it for anything
I use the 12 ga. 870 for most goose hunts. For the super fat snow goose, I use Rem. 11-87 auto of the same ga., using 3 in. magnum shells with triple B or size T shot.
Remington SP10, you will not find a better Goose Killin Machine :twisted:
I hunt with a nova. It works good unless you try to pump it too fast with 2 3/4 shells. Works great with 3.5s. I like goosekiller21's SBE, unless he lets it get too dirty. Then it is a $1000 single shot. :mrgreen:
I agree with the above post- you will not find a better goose killing machine than the Remington SP10. Got tired of being kicked around by my Benelli SBE with 3.5" loads and I heard that the SP10 recoil was less than most 12ga guns. Recently, I took the SP10 out to the field along with a 20ga Browning O/U. Shot a few doves in the mid afternoon with the O/U and took a few ducks on the pass with the 10ga coming back to the roost at dusk. I couldnt believe it- the 10 kicked less, by like 50%, than the 20 with 2.75" light (dove) loads. Recoil is non-existant.
:D :D :D :D Just finished the year with my new Binneli Pump.
Loved it shot heavy shot and fast steel. Clean kills and lots of action.
Nova all the way to the freezer! :D
anybody used the new Mossberg auto? i'm partial to mossies but not to sure about autos. i'm also brand new to goosin' :lol: any advice or helpful hints would be apreciated. anybody in the KC area?
I've had a SX2 since they came out--no troubles at all. and fits me pretty well. All things considered it is a very good gun for the price and being it is gas operated kicks very little with the 3.5" loads.

I heard the Extrema is pretty good too-but costs $300 more too.


As with any firearm, it must fit you. It does not matter if you have a $5000 weapon--if it does not fit you well, you will not shoot well. Conversely, if you have a $200 weapon and it fits you well you can shoot well. So fit should be the deciding factor, not so much the "name" on the gun IMHO.
I use my cheap but trusty Winchester 1300, and shes been working wonders for me.
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