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What goose call for greylag calling?

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What goose call should I use for greylag calling?
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im looking for sites to download goose sounds on to cd can you help
Hi there,

Haydel's H-81 Canada Honker works well on Greylags - I have used one throughout this season and it has served me well. I also have a Haydels MSG 96 on the lanyard and use that on Pinkfeet - it is deadlyon Pinks, but the pitch is a bit to high on the MSG96 for Greys.
Olt 800 for Canada, Greys and pinks, but also a Olt L22 for pinks and a haydel snow call for pinks

DJ Illinois River Valley Calls make an excellent greylag call,at Look under speciality calls. they also make a call for pinks, and have a sound file so you can hear them. I got mine from Kevin Wilcox at Hope this helps !
Thanks for the advise guys! :beer:
I have just ordered a greylag call from and hope this call will give me more shooting chances...

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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