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I first hunted snows this past duck season and decided to really get into it.
I live in Sacramento hunting over rice fields, bean fields, wheat fields, or fields with nothing in them. No one here in Sacramento hunts snows because they require too much work...and we are only allowed 3 a day...or 2 whites and 1 dark, or 2 darks. I am a college student so my funds are always low, and can only buy when I find deals.

My spread consists of:

30 mixed shells 12 motion stakes

8 full body snows

6 Herters full body specs

18 home made silos.

2 snow goose wing wavers

950 rags.
~350 with stakes and the rest I bought from ebay here: ... :EOAB:US:6

Has anyone heard, or put their rags on a line like this?

Basically what else should I concentrate on getting now?

Thanks much!

Jeff Given
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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