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What decoys

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I have enough money to buy either a dozen of GHG shells or a dozen of Pro Series Mag Silhouettes so which one space ins't an issue for me buy filling in my spread is, and do silos work as well as shells or not and how durable are GHG shells compared to Flambeau grand mag. shells
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If you go with the GHG (that is what I would do) buy the motion stakes for them. I have Real geese silos too, but if I had the room, I would go with GHG IMO. They come flocked and they are not that much more in price. I don't know why you would grand magnum shells as fillers. :?: Good luck. :)
I would recommend shells with motion stakes. I guess Real Geese are coming out with new poses in double sided Pro Series this season, should be pretty nice. I like the idea of the shells with motion stakes, but if you have to hoof it into your hunting area silos are my choice. Also, what do you have for decoys already or are you just starting out?
I have a dozen of Flambeau Grand Mag shells, four feeder bigfoots, and a couple odd decoys total I have 18 decoys looking to add
I don't think you could go wrong with either....but I'd get the shells
I would get the silos just because they are easier to work with. I have some I like them alot. I would same your money and not get the pro series though. They only have the no shine stuff on one side and you never know wich way you'll have to put them. The side without it dosn't seem to shine anyway.
Well I decided to go with the silo less weight and they work just as well as shells, thanks guys
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