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what decoys should I get for $200?

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I just started goose hunting this year and so far I have 100 snow texas rags. I was thinking about buying more for the spring season. I have about $200 to work with I was thinking about getting 50 blue rags and a dozen GHG oversized snow shells I am also going to make some homemade silos
what do you think I should get
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Northwinds. :D
Ditto... northwinds...
Like I've said before... buy the Canada socks... turn them inside out and you have snows.. or paint them into blues.

They usually are about $35 per dozen, but watch for sales at Gander or Cabela's

I bought my last 6 dozen for $17 each

I've gotten over 500 now..

There's also a guy in Janesville Iowa who sells his homemade version..
You can find him on E-bay too...
No heads and they are on wooded dowels.. but they are cheap
I bought a dozen.. you can get them for about $20

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should i go with the economy or standard windsocks?
does it matter if they have heads on them or not?
I don't think it matters if you have a head or not. I plan on getting some economy decoys soon.
I personally think that the heads don't matter that much.
All mine have heads.. everytime the wind changes.. you gotta re-set them. I keep all mine in the feeder position.
I've watched feeding flocks very carefully.. they are almost never head up

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