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We Need Your Help and Prayers

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Recently my 5 year old sister underwent an 8 hour operation to remove a canerous tumor from inside her spinal cord. The operation left her unable to walk but with extensive physical therapy and a lot of love, she is getting closer to walking all of the time. She also recently began Chemotherapy treatments. Because of this we are asking for donations from businesses and any one that wants to help out. We are accepting monetary donations, or goods to be sold on the auction at her benefit. Be we really need your prayers also! The benefit for her and my family will be on April 2, 2005 @ Illini Central High School in Mason City, Illinois.


Zach Baugher

For Information on Donations contact:

Jason & Amanda Harrison
[email protected]

Zach Baugher
[email protected]
217-828-0083 --- [email protected]
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sorry to her about your sister my prayers on the way hang in there true love and courage she will prevail
Best of luck to her and one sent from me, for her.
so sorry to read about your sister
i have sent my payers across the pond
God bless now and always.
I'm so sorry to hear about that. Best of luck to her and the family. My prayers are with you all.
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