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Waterfowl boats

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Hey Guys, maybe you can help me make up my mind about something. I am thinking of Buying a boat for next year, something I can Hunt ducks and geese out of in the fall as well as do a little fishing out of this summer, The obviouse choice for my situation is a 12' john boat but I have been looking at some of these 1 and 2 man layout boats like the ones they have at Cabella's i am wondering if those would be worth the money? any advise, suggestions, experiences with those types of Boats, anyone?
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i just bought an 10' aluminum crestliner that im planning on camoing and adding an electric motor too. Im going to use it for back bay fishing, crabbing and obviously, waterfowling :lol:. I got mine used for $100, three years old, so you can find them real cheap. The thing i heard about the low profile boats is that if you plan on doing any fishing, in any little bit of chop it will start to get real wet real quick. Let me know what you do, if you need any info on aluminum boats... i did a lot of research on them... just ask. Good luck with either of your choices.
wow, Thats realy a good Price for a aluminum Boat, around here, a lot of guys think Their John Boats are worth their weight in gold and you cant get even used ones for less than $500, maybe if i shoped around a bit more, Thanks.
Zu welcome aboard first but as far as the boat thing make sure you don't go to small. I bought a 14ft flatbottom and with two guys a dog a dozen goose deks and a dozen duck deks that about makes a load. I don't think it's to much weight but room is at a premium. I've only had it out in the duck blind mode once so far and I believe it could hold some more deks with no problem but not sure about another guy or dog it might but I just don't feel like I want to take a chnce if the weather changed. Going for a swim in winter just don't seem like it would be fun :roll:
LOL, Ya smimming in November/december here dont sound like a good time to me either, :)
I got a 10 ft aluminum jon boat for $1. Yes $1.

Guy is getting ready to sell me a 5 hp motor for $40. With one bag of decoys and me and the little bro, the boat is close to maxed out, but for our small marshes here, it is ideal. 2 guys can pick it up and move it wherever it needs to go. With modified it a little too. Camoed it up real nice 4 $40.
All I can say is Oh My God! $1?? I need to move :?, a local guy here tried to sell me his 12' flat bottom boat that is 15 years old for $800. I must look like I am made of money I guess....
you can buy an new 12 or 14 foot for less than $700, at bass pro shops, just found it in the new spring master catalog
Yeh, but, pagooser, you really hit the jackpot! $100 for a Crestliner! That price is stupefying! I'm going to have to look around here in W. Pa. Seems everybody around here is getting good deals save for me. Maybe a "wanted" posting in the bargain newspapers.
I've got a 10' john boat I bought for $75 that can handle two guys and at least 3 dozen decoys,along with my 60 pound dog. That's close to 450 pounds in a 10' johnboat. I'd go to a 12' at least for fishing, get something that's gonna be stable enough, once overloaded they become very tippy!!! I had close to 550 punds in my 10'er once, just for a drunken fishing trip paddling around the pond,,, :lol: and we three were 2"s close to taking on water!!! :lol: One hell of a trip!!!
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