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warm weather

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It is really cold out (cold front went threw last night) now and I am seeing a lot of geese around here. I knew the forecast is for it to get warm late this week. I am going out to hunt Thursday. Do you think the geese will hang around when it gets warmer later this week or do you think that most of the geese will leave by then? Thank you.
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Went out this morning and they were still here. :)
As long as there's open water and a food source that they can get to, they don't and some won't, go any further south than they have to. Hit em hard we're finished up here until next fall.
Even with the weather around here being close to 10-15 at night, I've still been watching close to 2-3000 geese every day, they just stick to rivers, still hit up the same cornfields. Pretty amazing how hardy these birds really are.
I too hunt in southeast pa, on friday we had a lot of luck, killed our limits with geese just landed in the decoys, come saturday the geese didnt even look at our spread we were using bfs and stuffers, i think it had somethin to do with the weather...who knows. Were huntin this comin sat. hope it goes better than the last. Good luck.
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