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Ward goose call

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Just a quick question to see what you guys know about ward calls. Thinking of getting one and are wondering if they are worth getting. Have any of you guys ever tried one or heard anything about them I would appreciate any feedback on them
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I have purchased 3 from Ward Calls this spring. I have never hunted with them but they sound good. The Zink, Grounds and Bill Saunders calls I have are better but I hunt in freezing conditions and any call locks up very quickly. The Ward calls make the sounds and are MUCH cheaper!
I have tried to replace the Ward reeds and tone boards with the ones from my Bill Saunders call and it will work but I have decided to leave the original ones alone. The new series short style Ward call is loud but the calls always change tone when the weather is cold, they all sound good at 70 degrees. I am looking forward to giving them a try! :lol:
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