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wanted BIGFOOTS!

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hey everybody. i am looking to get a couple doz bigfoots. first i need to get a trailer to haul them in and then i wanna get them while they are cheap so i can get more for the price...... i am looking for 3 or 4 dozen... looking to pay around a thousand$ on the decoys. but i also need a trailer before my dad will let me get them.. anybody have bigfoots for sale or a trailer that will haul around 6 dozen fullbodies for a reasonable price? and when do you guys see the bigfoots go on sale? do they and if so how much $$$$????? thanks guys
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As far as when to buy? Rite now is a great time, prices are cheap, however, most places dont have any left, but usually right after the season most places will put them on clearance. I bout 2 dozen more this year and got them for $210 a dozen, thats about $100 off. Rite now Gander mountain around here has all decoys 50% off but they are out of goose decoys.
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