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want gun

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i know this isnt for goose hunting but does anyone have a mini 14 or a high powered .22 .223 .22-250 for coyotes and p-dogs?
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hey i have a ruger model 10-22 semi automatic with a 4x32 scope on it. has lots of extras.... a birdcage flash surpressor, a ramline something... i am not sure what it is called but it is the thing that covers the barrel from the action to the end of the wood.. it looks like a mini 14. i will let it go for $225.00 with scope and all included. the gun is in great shape kept super clean. i also have an ak-47 type rifle. it is an sar-1 this is a coyote gun!!!!!!!!! it to is in emaculate condition. it is semi automatic comes with a ten round and a 40 round magazine. would work great for coyotes and i have shot a few p dogs with it. i would reccomend putting a scope on it if you wanted to shoot p dogs. very fun rifle!!!! the best thing about it is that you can shoot the crappiest CHEAPEST rounds that are out there and it has no great on p dogs or coyotes or both.... i bought it for $400.00 but i will let it go for $330.00 let me know if you are interested...........

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i prolly cant get a gun right now beause while hunting today i blew the barrel in my winchester model 12 12 gauge so my parents arent too happy
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