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Tungsten could have environmental issues

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I heard on an other forum that Tungsten is getting reviewed because it could have some environmental issues. It may go the same way as lead did in the future. :cry: I would be in bad shape because I have about 300 rounds of hevi-shot to use yet. Did anyone else hear anything about this? Thanks
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They are saying it could be cancer. :( We shall see what happens. I know there was three new shot types approved last year and I haven't seen any of them yet. Hevi-steel might have been one of them. I heard on some other forums there is going to be more new shot coming out this fall. One is said to be around as dense as lead.
I really hate to here about enviromental issues and cancer and all that crap. The amount of lead steel or other "enviromental hazards" are all over rated. Why? Well, the amount of lead that would be deposited will have little effect on the surrouding enviroment. On the cancer issue, well tell me one thing that won't give you cancer in America. Even the treatment, radiation or kemo, has the potential of causing cancer. People are too worried about the things that have little effect on anything. I know there are arguements that oppose my opinion, which is just fine. An opinion is an opinion. I say, give us our lead back. Send me your opinions...Please!
well knowing the way that i shoot and the amount of pellets that i have to fling in the air to bring down a few birds I could believe there I could cause a few enviromental issues as well as making holes in the ozone :D :D :D .

But seriously part of me think that its just another ploy to take away out hunting maybe its not, but if they can manage to take away our shells then they we won't be able to hunt. I have no evidence that this is the case but but its always a chance of it.
I agree. It's another attempt by anti-hunters to screw us and our traditions over. Even so, I shoot more lead at doves over a flooded field then I do at geese or ducks. No harm there. After many years, and I do mean many, the PA Game Commission has closed 4 ranges to place lead management programs into effect. Is it that hazardous that its worth $167,000 per range of hunter dollars? Before long more ranges will be closed and cost even more to repair. Eventually we won't be able to shoot lead at anything. My opinion...
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