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Trying to find a new spot, or a REAL spot.

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I live in the northern suburbs of the twin cities and have been into waterfowl hunting for three years now. I have been hunting smaller spots that are kind of in the family somewhere or of family friends, but they are not the greatest. I also have a cabin in northern minnesota near Aitkin where i do a little hunting, but that is only good for three weeks then the locals are gone and not much flys, i am trying to find some new spots and have expessially something for early goose season, because it sounds like its going to start a month before duck season this year, so if anyone has any pointers or anything that might help me find some better spots to hunt in the northern suburbs or around Aitkin, i would gladly appreciate it. thanks
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Trying to find a spot anywhere near the cities can be very difficult unless you're willing to spend the money. I, personally, won't pay to play, so I am more willing to do some driving to find fields. We have already started talking with landowners and maintain contacts from previous years. It seems as though it's getting tougher and tougher every year. :cry: Good Luck! :wink:
I spend all my time in the south zone. Lease a pit and did well last year. Im interested in hunting north a couple times. So if you want to come south we can trade up. Let me know.
hey fireduck i am interested in swapping you a hunt. we have a lease here in central ill. we killed close to 300 geese. where in the south zone do you hunt?
Hey FireGoose I think I got your number.
555- 3163 Ext-somewhere in the cooler
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