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true goose story!!!!! sign of things to come.

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today 8-3-04

i decided to get the goose decoys out and give them a good cleaning.after washing all the red clay(taxable amount) off of the deks, i was setting them in the front yard to dry in the setting sun.i was finishing the last 1/2 doz.when i hear geese calling(and they are close) i come around the side of my home and there in the front yard are 12 live geese mixed in with the wet decoys.they just walked around gruntin, and then flew of after a few min. i do live out in the middle of nowhere, but never thought of hunting in my front yard.i hope this is a sign of things to come.
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That is a rush. Always cool when something like that happens. :D
I live in the middle of town and had about 2 dozen in my front yard painting them, out of no where a pair cupped their wings and came in,at the last moment, they saw me and flared.I live right in the middle of town too. You would have to have seen it to believe it!
This year will be my 2 nd year goose hunting so this summer i was out at my girlfriends house, mind you in the middle of MILES and MILES of corn and bean fields, anyways i was practicing my goose calls and out of nowhere i hear, HONK!! man was i excited i called in my first geese, they circled three times and cupped their wings, then here came the dog and they were gone but it was a good feeling to call in your first geese.
We live on the edge of a small town. We saw 2 geese go buy so my little brother ran in and grabbed his goose call. My mom thought it was so neat to watch those geese circle our block looking for their buddies.
Why is it when you get your limit and you are walking around picking up decoys geese come with in shooting range cupped and ready to land?
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