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Tim Grounds Half Breed

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Anybody have any experience with the Half Breed call? Any input would be apprecaited.

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What do you want to know about them. I have one, and use it to kill migrators. They're real high pitched, and mine blows pretty easy. Alot of guys will tell you that it is no good, but i will tell you i have seen plenty of them killed with half breeds
I have one and really like it. It is fairly high pitched and can be blown in the traditional S.R. way, or Grounds says to put your fingers on the end of the call with about a 1/4 of the insert open. Both ways produce different sounds and they both work. It was a little hard to get used to it, but I always have it when I go in the field.
Thanks for the info. I bought one to give to my Dad who wants to learn a short reed.
Hate to tell ya this....The TG Halfbreed is probably the hardest shortreed goose call to learn on. The main reason I had problems was the call was not tuned right when I got it. It took sending the call back a couple of times plus quite a few phone calls to Tim. Tim was very helpful though. Finally, I got another reed from Flocknocker to get the call to work right for me. Each of us have individual needs when it comes to blowing a SR goose call.
It took me a couple years to master it. But when I did, I could blow any SR goose call I have come across. I will never forget my hunting buddies giving me a hard time when I used that call during our hunts when I was trying to get it to sound like a goose.
Hey gilmore,

I have to agree with 10gaokie they are hi pitched and kind of hard to learn on. But let me tell you I have taken more birds with this call than any other. Good for the early migration birds. And Tim Grounds can't
say enough about him. He stands behind what he makes and will go out of his way to help you so dont be afraid to call him. Something you might want to look into buying I just recived mine in the mail yesterday a
Derlin short reed by Winglock WOW!!!! what a call one of the easiest calls I have had my hands on and that low goosey sound. Can't go wrong an the price $59.95+shipping

I have one and love it! It was my first short reed ,and I could do everything on it within an hour. Althought the guy that gave it to me siad he's never seen anyone just pick up the call and catch on that quick. its a great call to,and is easy to use. Cant beat the price either in my opinion,hope this helps.
it's a great call if you only want one around your neck...
I have one on my lanyard and it is my go to call especially for geese earlier in the season or also for smaller geese. we have a lot where i live.
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