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Three Goose Calls For Sale

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I have a Tim Gounds Super Mag that is black and is used I'm asking $50 at least for that call, still have package. The other two include a Big River Flock Talk short reed and a Graveyard Dead shortreed I'm asking $20 for each of those no packages for the last two
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new prices being added soon
I noticed that my pricing was a little high for the last two calls the graveyard dead and flock talk. They are $10 a piece or $15 together I will not pay shipping on them I used them once last season and that was it
sorry for misleading some of you the TG Super Mag is a poly carb call

for $60 you can have all the calls plus the super mag tape cassete, but I won't pay the shipping
I have a few more calls to add so here is what is for sale

Tru-Tone Poly Goose Call with extra reeds
Super Mag Poly Goose Call
Flock Talk goose call
Graveyard Dead Goose Call
Fred Zink Power Clucker Poly Goose Call
Primos Wood Duck Call
Buck Gardner Traditions Goose Call
Super Mag Mania cassete tape plus some two and three call lanyards

Most calls have orginal packages
All calls look like new hardly used

All for $90 or best offer and I'll pay shipping
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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