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The last weekend

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We were working a flock of several hundred Canadas and even more snows in the same bunch. We had several of the Canadas land while we were working the flock. One took flight and needless to say we opened fire. Should we have waited for the rest of the snows and canadas come in? Or was that lone goose enough to ruin our chances at both?
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We had a similar thing happen to us this year, and fortunately we held fire as several landed in the decoy field and began to walk around eating corn.

I had one standing right next to my blind, I could have grabbed him and pulled him inside he was that close. There was also a wounded goose shot minutes before this flock came in that we couldn't get to because we would have spoiled our cover, so we had to wait to hit him again once he took off and the rest were committed to landing.

Because we let a number land, the rest of the flock felt safe to put down and then we let go getting our limit immediately. If we were not good, law abiding hunters, we could have had 3x our limit.
Always let the sucker geese land, then the rest of the flock should follow right behind.
I agree. Let the sucker geese land and the rest should follow. I try to take the last few as they land and then shoot the ones that fly off from the ground.
You did the right thing. YOu can let birds land but, as soon as one gets up and flies out of your spread only if all the stars are lined up and the moon is in the right phase will the geese in the air finish. This happed to us several times this year. I would let a loner land and quit calling enogh to tell some one to watch him and if it got up to put the hammer on it.

Double Clucker
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