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The best canada call on the market for about $50?

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I need a new one because my "Meat Grinder" was lost last season. I loved it but I feel like I need something new. I need it to be from Cabelas because I have a gift certificate there. Thanks.
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poly carb super mag
Winglock Delrin...the one and only you'll ever need.
Thanks alot guys I'll be sure to check out both calls.
Winglock delrin is very good and so are these
Both are really easy to use and have excellent tone
from Cabelas
Go with another meat grinder for only a $59 if it has to be under $50 the zink power clucker is a good call $29.99
zink power clucker is a good call $29.99
I blow a lot of Zinks calls and that would not be one that I would EVER consider .02
i recently got a sean mann call and i like it alot depending on what material you get it in it can be 50 dollars
Gander Valley Delrin call. You cannot beat the quality of Mark's calls and how his prices are set.
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