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Texas Rags For Snows?

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I was thinking about getting some texas rags to hunt snows. Are they the best way to go or is there a better option?
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I have some and wish I would've bought northwinds instead. They rip to easy and make a lot of noise.
They are a good way for a guy just getting into snow goose hunting to accumulate a lot of white, but if you really get into it you will be wanting to upgrade. Also, if you are hunting Canada in the early fall, a lot of times you can get away with just rags since you are hunting a lot of juvie birds.
I guide on the Texas Coast where Snow Geese may get pressured the most out of continental America. If you know how to set out a rag at the right angle and the right air trapped in the decoy you can do some damage. Also a good way to avoid lines and a naturual look is to set one rag down and circle it then walk about ten yards away and do the same. Last year the best guide in our outfitter service killed 2047 under Tx Rags. He ended up with an average of 19.3 under rags only. Knowing what to make them look like and finding the a true look from goose eye you can kill them with rags.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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