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I think to stop the arguing and the questions on the GHG vs BF's you should set up a U in one spot with BF's and and U in the same feild but a differnt spot and see which place more geese go to. some of you people with both dekes should give it a try and tell us how it goes thanx
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There isn't a doubt in my mind wich looks better out of the box but,you can either buy the ghg heads for the bigfoots or flock them yourself and they look very good. There is also no doubt in my mind if you bought a dozen ghg and a dozen bigfoots on the same day which ones you will be using 5 or 10yrs from now. I bought a dozen ghg this year and I will admit that I'm not easy on my eqiptment and ended up taking them back and buying bigfoots. The bases broke off 3 of them and about all of them had paint chip off of them in on spot or another. Also you can't carry as many ghg as you can bigfoots. I hunt by myself or one other person alot and with the foots I can carry 7 or 8 and kick 1 or 2 back to the pit with no worries. :D Anyway just my opinion.

Double Clucker
I had to make a hard choice yesterday between GHG and some bigfeet and I bought some feet because I wanted something that will last me a long time because the GHG's are either going to chip up or the foot bases are going to break.
I am still not sure of all this breakage and paint chipping? I have said this before and I'll say it again - GO WITH THE GHG! Wait until the 2005 line comes out - 1) They fixed the footbase problem and also adding Hard Core type motion bases 2) GHG are more realistic and will decoy more birds 3) You can buy (for 2005) fully flocked GHG Canada dekes for $290 a dozen retail! They changed the feather pattern and are simply amazing! I have hunted over both. The birds simply respond better to GHG! Or - go with the Foots and let the birds tell you "Hey You Made a Mistake"

My .02
Not this again! :lol: :lol: :lol: Didn't we just do this. :lol: :roll:
Myself and my hunting buddies have both GHG and BF,about 4 dozen of each, and you can definatly tell IMO that the GHG is a more realistic decoy, however the paint does chip off them. BF are durable enough to take about any abuse. This summer im going to purchase another dozen fullbodies, and i believe im going to go with BF, just because id rather have these deeks last a long time, and ill let it up to our calling to land the birds.
goose9496 said:
rather have these deeks last a long time.
I agree, something that is going to last you a long time is a good investment.
I use both and they work just fine.
I have a ? to add to this. What do the BF run you a dozen compared to GHGs. Also did they fix the problem with the piant or just the bases

$300 a doz. for bigfeet. About $280 for GHG. I have seen the GHG's paint chip and bases break thats why I don't like them.
I just ordered a half dozen fully flocked feeder GHG from cabelas. I can't wait to use them becuase I've had birds land in the standard decoys every time I put them out last year.

I could get some B/F and play pass with them when I get bored :lol:
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If you think the super realism on theses new decoys makes that big of a difference you are insane. Changing the feather detail every year is just ploy to sell more decoys. No goose or human can see the detail at hundred yards. If you think you can you are seeing things.
Dont get me wrong I like good looking decoys but the detail is just running up the cost.
I hunt over 20 dozen fullbodies most Higdon and some BFs. At a distance you cant tell them apart.
Touch up the white and black on them and flock the heads and if you are where the geese want to be you will kill geese.

Ps. I know a guy that has original BFs that have to be 20 years old. Not a crack on them.
i just think it is easier to carry the bigfoots.
I hunted lastyear in a heavily populated goose area over my friends big foots. No more then 300 yards down a guy had out 3 to 4 dozen GHG's. Now I'm not sure how good of a caller this guy was but my buddy isn't super. We landed over 75 birds that day and he didn't have a single bird land in his spread. I don't know if he was doing something wrong or we were just doing everything right. But here is an example of the two in the same field and the results of it. They guy even came up to us after the hunt and wondered what kind of decoys we were using.
I agree with Fireduck 100%. I have Final Approach, GHGs and Bigfoots and I can't tell the difference between any of them out at 100 yards. Fireduck also hit the nail on the head in reference to location. If you're in the right spot, you'll get geese. I have the new GHGs and am not satisfied with them. Sure, they look awesome and have all kinds of crazy head styles, but they just don't hold up like a Bigfoot. I'm buying all Bigfoot next year. Also, I'm not so sure an experiment involving two separate decoys spreads in the same field with two different decoy brands will be accurate. Different locations in a field can make a world of difference in whether the geese will come into a spread or not. Also, each spread would have to be set up identical and I don't believe that is possible unless you get out there with a tape measure and plot out every single exact location of every decoy in both spreads and have every decoy facing the exact same way in each spread, etc. Bottom line, if you have a good decoys (GHG, Bigfoot, etc.), a good set up with not necessarily a lot of decoys, in a good location, you'll get birds.
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Fireduck and Huffy are rigtht on.....It's where you put them...
I just use the best my money can buy at that moment and maintain need be..
I just bought more foots. Can't beat them for durability and ease of transport. We flock the heads and they look great.

I posted this on another site about some other fullbodies I saw.

Got a first hand look at the FA fullbodies. They look much better than in the catalogs. The paint was very tough. Passed the fingernail and key test. Flocking seems to be very well done. Very nice decoy.

Drawbacks- Smaller than GHG or Bigfoots, and I didn't like the weighted footbase at all. Also didn't like the way they come prepacked with 2 feeders, 1 active, 1 sentry. Would have rather had all actives.

HC canadas I was very disappointed with. I personally thought the ones I saw at Cabelas looked like crap. GHG blew them away. Maybe the others are better but I wouldn't have bought these.

Also Picked us 1 dozen G&H goose floaters and 4 bigfoots at Dick's in KC (the one that was galyans). Got $10 off my $300 purchase. They had lots of G&H and Bigfoots. Also had flambeau and carrylite divers fairly cheap.
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I have a doz. of each, and the big foot are a lot better. The big foot have a ruffled look which look more natural,compaired to the ghg. Which have a smooth finish. If the ghg are damp they also seem to have a glare if you are hunting on a sunny day.
Like I said :I have both and the big foot are better for the money.
if you think they look the same as your rig you better see the eye doctor
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as far as im concerned their are several top deeks on the market! avery being one of them. If money was no problem I would buy dave smith deeks or even mabe some Hard Core's but where im at with two kids avery GHG is the way to go.Big Foots are getting to be a thing of the past
they were the best of their time but no compairson to today's tec.we call foots the robotic looking deek!!!!! The paint might chip the bases might crack But i want realism :thumbsup:
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