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Taking Dog Hunting In Canada?

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We are heading up to Alberta to hunt geese next September and I was wondering what the regs. where on taking your dog across the border. Anyone with info. would be greatly appreciated. I found the regs. on firearms but I could not find anything on animals.

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Sorry for the late reply just joined. I have a yellow pointer Lab. When I take him with me to the USA all I do is contact my vet to ensure he has all his shots and papers.

Good Luck Where in Alberta did you go. I have a good friend who is a guide out of Cardston
Thanks for the info. We are making early plans to go next September. I just want to make sure I do not have any suprises! My friend's family has a farm near Calgary, we will be hunting in that area.
Good choice. Calgary and area has a lot of geese that winter on the bow river. I live in Sylvan Lake just North of Calgary about 190K. Let me know when, maybe we can hook up. This year I have been on four very successfull goose and duck hunts.
Thanks for the info. We are doing well locally on geese so far, but I look forward to heading up to Canada next Sept.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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