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Swan Hunt

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Well on Jan. 15 i went on a swan hunt in N.C. We had weird weather lately hot it got colder a few days before it was around 29 and it was cold. the whole party was suited and ready to set up decoys. we had rags and a few bodies with 4 mags there was 6 people hunting. you can only kill 1 bird and every year you see hundreds of them well while we were setting up a little before sun up we saw 4 low ones fly over us *wish we were ready* after we all set up and moving around after a few high flocks we were set good cloudy day we had no luck on getting any birds with very few seen to a good flock was going to land 5 shots fired 3 peole had shot one bird hit one fell a swan is big and can take a hit and keep fling lol one fell it got up i hoped over the ditch and ran maybe 15 yds from it good neck shot. i was the only one to get one on a very skim hunt not many bitds but it was fun for all of us
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While on the subject of swans, I live in Southern illinois and in my whole life until this season i have never seen a swan outside of a park lake or in a zoo. So obviously we don't have a season for them around here. But a couple of weeks ago on a goose hunt me and my huntin buddies were scouting possible places to go the next day. Well all of a sudden we saw what we thought were three huge snows coming at us. We got down and let them get closer. Of course none of us shot because the necks were so friggin long and they passed right over us and not one of us said a word for a few seconds then we realized they were swans. That was the first i've ever seen or heard of a swan on rend lake in southern illinois. They are awesome birds. I'd love to hunt them.
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