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SW Iowa DNR managment

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Hello guys and gals... after reding some of your posts... I see that more than a few of you hunt the I-29 corridor in SW Iowa
I'm writing this to ask each and every one of you to e-mail the Iowa DNR and ask them to get on the ball in managing Forney's wildlife area.
I returned there over thanksgiving, only to find out that they stopped pumping it again. It killed the fall hunting. The birds simply went on to Mound City. Iowa DNR is investing it's money in Riverton and it's killing the hunting all the way north to Omaha. That valley used to be one of the prime feeding spots on the migration routes. Lack of water at Forneys is killing it. The local farmers and sportsmen there have even offered to use their irrigation pumps to help, but have been turned down.

I have a friend who farms 4000 acres in that area and this years the ducks and snows bypassed it in the fall. If there is no water, they will in the spring too...

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Just curious what is the reason for this? There has to be a reason for neglect.
I wish I knew if there was a reason.

Forney's has always been managed. But they are just letting it go.

I think they are spending their money on Riverton which is 25 miles south.
At Riverton, they planted about 400 acres of corn in what used to be a blind draw area... then to make matters worse, they flooded it, the ducks and geese never let the refuge. Why would they?

Anyway.. they guys who travel to hunt that area will understand the importance of Forneys for us to hunt snows.

It used to be that every mile in that valley, you would find a snow spread during the fall, this year there were only a few...

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