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Supermag and honky tonk question!

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Hey guys, this past year i tried waterfowling and the first day, i went out we seen nothing but i was hooked (don't ask me why). Anyways i bought a Big river goose floot and really like it but its not loud enough for me and i want a call that can talk real fast so im buying a Supermag and a Primos honky tonk. I hear you guys all talk about getting your call tuned and was wondering how you would do that? Like how do you know if your call isnt the right sound and should be tuned or am i gonna have to answer a sh*t load of questions so he can tune it right and then pay a sh*t load of money?Thanks for the help boys :beer:

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Kind of hitting both ends of the expense scale aren't you?! :wink: If your new to short reeds the first thing you should do is put the flute away and resist the urge to pick it up. SR blow completly differently.

The Honkytonk has small tabs on the reed,so you can't really tune them without some modification. This call also requires a little more air than the supermag. A great call for beginners.

The supermag can be tuned, but I wouldn't attempt it alone. It could take a while getting it back to normal. Send it in, you be asked how you want it to sound...deeper, higher pitched, etc. In my experience though, they sound great right from the get go.
Very cool thanks for the advice, sounds like i have two winners their! But about my flute, if i get good with the short reed but dont want to totally neglect my floot (because it sounds real good) is this gonna throw my short reed calling way of? thanks
Once you have your short reed down, you won't want to pick up your flute. The flutes take soooo much more air and are less versatile. Good luck! :beer:
Don't mean to bug you man but is it true that i should use my flute on open water because i heard that short reeds will scare the geese?
It's nice to have the short reeds on open water- you can get their attention from a long way out! All my group uses is short reeds... even on water. You just have to read the geese and give them what they want to hear. It can really vary from one day/spot to the next.
Your call selection is fine. You shouldn't need to tune them at all, however they will blow differently from eachother. If you haven't ordered your supermag yet, call Tim and let him know that you are new to SRs and you would like it tuned a little lighter. He (and most good call makers) will do this for you at no charge. As far as the "over water" question, The problem with SOME SRs is that they are SO loud that they echo so badley and may flare birds. If your worried about echo than get yourself a good maple or hedge call. I own one of Tims maple supermags ($100) and it is perfect in any situation that requires softer calling.

Good luck,
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