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super x-2 ejection problem

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my gun sometimes does not eject the shells when unloading it, the shells hang up in the shell tube and will not chamber the next shell, but fireing the gun works well. anyone else have this problem and how can I fix it...
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I don't think I've had that problem with my Super X-2, but they would sometimes get all caught up. I just pull down really hard and they come right out. Don't know if this helps...
thanks for responding. I still have the problem and am going on sea duck hunt in MD. on sat. dont know what to do?????? had it to a gunsmith but all he found was some dirt behind trigger action..
rodman, if you whip out your SX2 manual you'll find something kinda cool I think you might not know about. There is actually a way too kick the shells out of the magazine without cycling shells through the chamber. The actual little deal that keeps your shells in the magazine from flyin' out and making a mess of things can be depressed. If you look around in there I'm sure you'll figure it out. Kinda awkward sometimes but can be helpful. At least the SX2 I had could do it. I don't see why they would change it either way. As far as it having ejecting problem when firing that I can't help you on. I miss mine. I went from a Gold to a SX2 to a Xtrema and finally to my SBE. Out of them all so far the SX2 just sticks out yet. The SBE will be gone soon too. The thing I miss the most is the way gas operated guns slam shells home in the chamber. Even if some foreign objects get in the way. That SBE piled up on me a few times in one day. Either because I kicked out a duck load in the chamber and had "slow cycled" a goose load in to slow. Or some, as I said before, "foreign objects" got in the way. That can happen with any gun though, and yes they were my fault, not making sure the shell was properly seated. I think I'm just making excuses to get another gun. What the hell, they're coming out with a light SX2 6.5lb 12GA Field gun. I need that
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