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sunday hunting

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Wanted to get thoughts about sunday hunting. The powers that are (or in this case aren't) here in Pa won't let us hunt on sunday. What are your thoughts?
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That is bull**** you should be able to hunt any day of the week you want, I have never heard of such things! With my work schedule and taking care of my kids if I could not hunt on Sundays I would be better off giving up the sport.
I wish Sunday hunting was an option in PA. It is just impossible on some weekends to get out and my weekday work schedule makes only allows for hunts very near home; unfortunately most spots nearby are not very productive.
being from pa i know what u mean . the game commission is stuck in the ice age and only listen to the old timers that show up at the game comm. meeting. these meetings are held during the week when u and i are WORKING. eventually with the license increases they will have to start listening to us but it could take forever. what i find amusing is they claim they havent raised license fees in years, yet what do u call when they add muzzle loader and bow tags to it. its a increase plain and simple. the HIP permit was .50 cents at one time but not anymore, just another increase.
I think you people in PA should get together and start a petion to your State Lawmakers. Sounds like Anti Hunters are running the show. get active do not stay passive and only talk about it.
I have herad of stuff like this before but I didn't know that it applied here in the US. I know that in Canada you aren't able to hunt on Sundays at least that's how it was when we were up there in Oct. hunting geese. I would say get out there and make sure that people know how you feel. Try writing a letter to someone and see if it helps. If I couldn't hunt on sundays I'd be screwed. Good luck.
here in MI some of the counties are no sunday hunting and i had land in one of them and not to long ago they finaly passed sunday hunting
This is part of the old "blue laws" of yesteryear. Same as no licquor sales, auto sales, etc.... on Sundays

BTW, MB you can now hunt Sundays, each province is different as most of CA was no Sunday hunting up untill a few years ago.

As for PA, I do think there is a PA Waterfowl Assn of some kind there, join it and maybe something can be done to change the existing laws. I think there is another state too as I rember that has no Sunday hunting in the NE part of the US.

So just remember the squeeky wheel gets the grease. Write the G&F Dept to voice your opinions. It may be a state law, if so, then the legislature would not to make a new law to allow it. Write your state representatives too.
We have just started to break the ice slighly in Maryland. This coming sunday we have hunting for deer only and its the 1 of 2 all season for deer only. This is the second year and we hope to win the fight through slow incrimentalism (little by little).
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