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Sunday Hunting

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Allow Sunday hunting in PA?
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What do you think about Sunday hunting in PA?
it would be a great way for kids to get out hunting with there dads without missing school.
Or a great way for people that work 6 days a week to get out there and shoot some birds. :)
I am all for Sunday hunting in PA....I am with Fili on the younger generation having more time in the field with the dads, uncles and cousins.

I work Monday through Friday, so without taking a vacation day, I only have Saturday to hunt. One could easily bust up a couple of birds first thing and still be in the pew ready for the first hymn of the church service on Sunday morning....grab some lunch and then hit the field again in the afternoon. :wink:
No hunting on Sunday has to be the most stupid law i've ever heard. But i'm sure someone somewhere has a big emperial reason for the law. Trust me you can go hunting kill birds and be back in plenty of time for church. Do it all the time!!!!! Although i don't think it would matter if they did that in Illinois we don't get too many birds to begin with
We only had 12 people who voted so far. That is sad. :lol: :roll: We have 800 some people registered.
Well, I responded to a similar post before, but I gotta say that Sunday hunting is no good. I have no good reason to support it, but I just don't like the idea. I know that sounds a little weird, but then again that's the kind of guy. If Sunday hunting came about in Pa, I'd most likely take advantage of it.
As for the PGC, well I'd take a guess and say that it's all about tradition if Pa has never had Sunday hunting since their instution came about in the 1890s. The best way to get the ball rolling is put a lot of pressure on the legislatures and Game Commission. If we want the law changed we've got to involved and not talk about getting involved. I know some are, but the vast majority aren't.
There are only a few votes, because the poll affects PA hunting only. Canada has a no hunting rule on Sundays as well. We use it as a scouting day. If my state had a no hunting rule on Sunday, I'd probably be upset too. Is the Sunday rule based on bird population or tradition? What is your daily limit? Wisconsin regular season daily limit is one and the late season is generously increased to two.
You can still vote even if you are not from PA. It is really for Sunday hunting in general.
You can hunt on Sunday in PA as long as it is either crow, coyote (never seen one in PA nor could I shoot one if I did), or fox.

So, I'm guessing it has less to do with tradition and more to do with regulating game.

I too would like to hunt on Sundays (more than the above mentioned). We pay out the a$$ for all the different licenses we need to have and have more rules, do's & don'ts to follow than any other "sport" in PA.

Not to mention the stupid WMUs that you need a special decoder ring to decipher what game is open in WMU 3 vs. 1 mile away at WMU 4...

What they should do is close "mountain biking" on Saturdays to keep those spandex wearing fruit-loops out of our way during open hunting season...sell them a license to dress like poofs... :twisted:
I've got to agree. PA has some of the most rediculous game laws that i know. I also agree that people that aren't hunting don't belong on the hunter's state game lands during the seasons! Then again I've tried to make sense of Md regualtions and they aren't as bad, but still confusing.
As for waterfowl, thats set up by the Feds...not by the game commission. They determine what waterfowl can be hunted based upon migration and the routes used. Still most of the geese we get in Pa are residents, at least where I live. The seasons and bag limits are dependant on the time of year and where you hunt. If you are interested in it you check out the game commission website at There is a link that you can check the waterfowl/migratory game bird regulations.
i'd love it....heck we put enough money into it....this is 2005 not the 1800's...let's hunt...question is....will they let us waterfowl on Sundays...i know the fed's give us our days...but will the commision open it...Honkers41!!!
GooseBob CamoPants said:
You can hunt on Sunday in PA as long as it is either crow, coyote (

i don't like to eat crow. :wink:
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